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KitchenAid wall ovens bring style and heat to your meal prep. twelix artisan



KitchenAid wall ovens mean there’s more to make.



Unleash your creativity with a myriad of features for a perfect all-round cooking experience. The unique Twelix system offers four cooking functions in one oven: pure steam, steam assisted, tweli-grill and tweli-base. With the twelix convection technology, it radically optimises airflow and heat distribution within the oven. In addition to reducing preheating and cooking times, this also guarantees that the air is circulated uniformly and your dishes are properly and evenly cooked. 

Oven combining microwave function



The advantage of this 40-litre oven is the microwave function that speeds up cooking times, so you can cook like a top chef. The speed oven is also equipped with a special temperature probe connected to the oven display so you can check the temperature inside the food whenever you want. You can programme the oven to switch off automatically when the temperature inside the food that is cooking reaches a preset level so you know it’s always cooked to perfection. 


The possibilities are endless with our collection of KitchenAid wall ovens. It creates a low-profile, sleek design – especially in black stainless – that fits in any modern or classic kitchen. Find the perfect match for your culinary creativity that make it easy to multitask large meals.